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The City of Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York, and functions as the seat of Erie County. This tight-knit community is commonly recognized as the heart of Western New York, and continues to attract all sorts of bustling businesses and new residents. In fact, the city currently features more than 256,000 locals. Have no doubt, Buffalo, NY is a city on the rise!

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When you consider the diverse nature of the local population, one thing becomes clear. Buffalo natives are constantly in need of versatile forms of care. Fortunately, the team at the Greater Buffalo Centers For Dizziness & Balance are always standing by to provide innovative treatment options. Whether you're in need of physical therapy, speech therapy, dizziness treatment, or hearing aids, your can rely on our experienced staff members.

If you're interested in exploring our full suite of treatment options, don't waste another moment. Contact the Greater Buffalo Centers For Dizziness & Balance today. Our certified audiologist is always available to address your current condition. We also provide occupational therapy and fall prevention services from the comfort of our convenient Western New York facility.

Rely On Us For Your Physical Therapy Needs

If you are living in the Buffalo, NY area and could benefit from physical therapy, rely on the team at Greater Buffalo Centers For Dizziness & Balance. While we focus on dizziness, imbalance, and falls, we also offer physical therapy services. These services help to eliminate pain from accidents, recent surgeries, or other situations. Through exercises, massages, and soft tissue mobilization, we can help ease and eliminate your pain, reduce the need for prescription opioids, and help improve your quality of life. By completing physical therapy sessions, you may also be able to avoid surgery.

With assistance from Greater Buffalo Centers For Dizziness & Balance, you will notice improved mobility, movement, and balance. If you're interested in scheduling a physical therapy consultation, please contact us today.

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